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What do we do?

Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads has several different types of advertising: sponsored links in Google, banners on hundreds of Google Partner Network sites, remarketing, YouTube video ads and product campaigns created specifically for e‑commerce. And that’s not all! Soon, new Ads functionalities will be available in Poland. If you want to get ahead of the competition, contact us.

Organic positioning

Internet users continue to place a lot of trust in natural search results. Make sure that your site is permanently in the Top 10 on Google. By acting in accordance with Google guidelines, we’re able to successfully improve its position. We charge based on results. We respond quickly to algorithm changes. Write to us and ask how you can position your site safely and organically.

Google Analytics

Do you invest in advertising, but aren’t sure what results in sales? Would you like to learn more about your client profile without spending a ton of money on marketing studies? Do you need help targeting bottlenecks in the customer journey? Google Analytics gives you these answers. We ensure it is correctly implemented in our campaigns. See what else you can find out.

SEO audits

See if Googlebot has the ability to “read” your site so that it’s placed in high positions in the search engine. An SEO audit will show you how to optimise your site code so that it meets the requirements of the latest search algorithms and is compatible with mobile devices. It will give you tips as to the content of specific subpages. Be Penguin- and Panda-friendly!

Google Ads Training and Audits

If you want to run a Google Ads campaign yourself or your company has a marketing department that needs support in this area, we’re the perfect partner for you. We’ll prepare training tailored to your needs, and will take you through the nuances of optimising Google Ads campaigns. If you’re already running a campaign, you can order an audit and get help in further activities.

Google Ads support for agencies

Do you run an advertising agency and want to expand your offer to include Google Ads services? Why don’t you try the outsourcing recommended by our team and build a competitive advantage without additional costs? Working under your company name, we can run an Ads campaign or implement Google Analytics. We’re all about fair play and act in accordance with established principles. We’re on the same page as you!

sponsored links

Control keywords, positions and the budget. Update ad content.

Google advertising network

Show your company on websites visited by clients

e-commerce campaigns

Lead clients straight to the product page and improve sales

YouTube video campaigns

Reach young clients who are active on social media


Follow clients. Learn about their online journeys

Web analytics

Check which ad spend gives you an ROI

content marketing

Build your position using valuable and unique content

link building

Link to your site only in secure places

SEO optimisation

Optimise site codes and content in terms of Google algorithms


Stay up-to-date with the latest in Ads and Analytics

SEO and Ads audit

See if your website is friendly to Google algorithms

Ads outsourcing

Put your campaigns into the hands of experienced specialists

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About us

Our skills

We were in the field of online advertising before Google made a permanent mark in Poland. Our close-knit team was formed on its own by participating in projects that we came across from various areas of the marketing world. Life has shown us that by working together, we’re effective.

We focus on partner-oriented and informed cooperation with clients. We want you to understand the decisions we make when running campaigns. Together with you, we set goals and act, with successful long-term cooperation in mind.

Online marketing is an ocean of topics. We focus on those directly related to Google products and algorithms: Ads, Analytics and SEO. We actively participate in professional training organised by Google, and we reinforce our knowledge and practice by obtaining certificates and Google Partner status. Our reliability and fair play are confirmed by our membership in Business Network International.

We want to enjoy a clean environment in the future. We actively support activities that protect nature. Since 2015, Online Partners has been a shareholder in a wind farm.

Our team



Google Ads & Analytics Specialist

As a certified Ads & Analytics Specialist and experienced salesperson, Joanna has everything needed to guarantee the highest level of service. She's responsible for preparing and configuring Ads Campaigns and implementing Google Analytics. She optimises the campaign at crucial moments. Joanna is an eternal optimist full of faith in people.


Google Ads & Analytics specialist

As an Ads & Analytics Specialist, Grzegorz supervises ongoing campaign optimisation. Accurate and meticulous, he'll capture every major trend in thousands of pieces of data. His hobby is fencing.


SEO Specialist

Paweł is responsible for SEO activities. He has been working with the Google algorithm since 2005. Paweł is patient and precise, which is exactly what a White Hat SEO strategist needs to be. He keeps track of Google messages regarding changes in algorithms on an ongoing basis. In positioning, he focuses on content marketing. Paweł prepares SEO audits.


Project Coordinator

Maryla is experienced in communication with clients. Very accurate and systematic, she won't miss a single detail, thanks to which we don't have artistic chaos at the Agency. She loves the Baltic Sea in autumn.

Our clients!

  • „The model of cooperation with Online Partners is a great example of relationships we want to build. It's based on trust, reliability, commitment and a sense of business reciprocity.
    CEOGrzegorz OsóbkaUmbrella
  • „Online Partners provides full commitment, care for the client's concerns, and professionalism – all in a pleasant atmosphere. It would be a mistake not to use them.”
    Deputy Director of Technical Issues and Promotion mgr. inż. Marek GajewskiInstytut IMBIGS
  • „You're one of the few people we came across in the most-difficult conditions during implementation, and together, we managed to solve extremely difficult problems.”
    Company founder Iwona Byczkowska-FilipczakImage Ltd

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